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Our services

The Fab Lab offers a multitude of services to the community, the best known being the access to the lab during the days open to the public. It does not end there! We also offer workshops, project development support services and much more:



échoFab offers introductory workshops on digital manufacturing and educational workshops for young people, aged 7 to 35. It offers coaching services for educational professionals.

We can also support your educational institution in setting up a Fab Lab and through its evolution.

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échoFab offers training for digital manufacturing equipment.

As Communautique’s Fab Lab, approved by the Labor Market Partners Board for the purposes of the Act to promote the development and recognition of labor skills, certain expenses of our training are deductible for businesses.

Our trainings


échoFab helps companies design and prototype new ideas, through problem-solving animation, prototyping, including proof-of-concept, signage, design, ecodesign.

échoFab also offers a corporate residency program in digital manufacturing and design where a team can use all the resources of the Fab Lab to take up a challenge or develop its creativity.

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échoFab creates tailor-made activities for events related to digital manufacturing, education, science and technology.

These activities are adaptable to the public of all ages, regardless of their level of familiarity with the technologies used.

Our staff is also available to speak on a variety of public forums such as forums, roundtables and conferences.

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Our equipments

Fab Lab offers state-of-the-art equipment

Model Ditto Pro, Prusa I3 and 2-heads printer
Printing surface 180mm x 180mm
Usable materials PLA
Price 0.50$ per gram
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Model Trotec Speedy 300 x2
Power 60 Watts
Cutting surface 74 x 44 cm (29″ x 17″)
Usable materials Paper, cardboard, acrylic (1/2″ max), wood (1/4″ max)
Price 1,50$/minute (up to 40$ per hour)

Note: No PVC cutting is possible. Approval by the lab team is required before cutting.

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zenbot resized 300x300 - Our services
Model Zenbot 1216
Cutting surface 12″ x 16″
Usable materials Bois, PCB
Price 2$ / minute (up to 50$ per hour)
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Model SignMax SMX4896
Cutting surface  4ft X 8ft
Usable materials Wood, metal, styrofoam
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Model Sense 3D
Price 2$ / minute (up to 50$ per hour)
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equipement decoupeuse vinyl resized 1 300x300 - Our services
Model Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000
Cutting surface  24po
Usable materials Vinyl, paper
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Digital Knight 14×16 Clamshell-resized
Model Digital Knight 14×16
Press surface 14 ” x 16 “
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Centroform EZFORM SV 1217-110V Tabletop Vacuum Forming Machine-resized
Model Centroform EZFORM SV 1217-110V
Forming surface 12 ” x 17 “
Usable materials All formable plastics
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Other equipment Soldering irons, digital oscilloscope, low voltage generator, experiment board, motors, sensors
Other equipments Metal and wood lathe, complete Dremel kit, ribbon and rotary blasting machine, thread and tapping assembly, round saw, jig, miter, drill.
SINGER 14SH654 Finishing Touch 3-4 Thread Serger-resized
Model Serger Singer 14SH654 & Sewing Machine Singer 4432 & digital embroidery machine
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Model Digital embroidery machine Brother LB6810
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Our subscriptions

To enjoy continuous access to echoFab on our opening hours you must:
i) become a member, and
ii) be certified to use our machines.


For all your personal projects

1 day $25
1 month $100
3 months $225
6 months $300
12 months $480


For all commercial projects. Limited to 4 subscribers

1 month $900
3 months $2100
6 months $3300
12 months $4800

Note: In order to use any equipment independently, you must first demonstrate your competence to do so for your own safety and that of other users by:

  • completing an audit ($ 5 per test), OR
  • Taking a skill course ($ 15)

For more information, contact info@echofab.quebec