[EN] Simple mechanics 101

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  It's Lucia here, one of the new animateurs here at échofab! One of the problems with having so many tools available is you start to have grand ideas even as a beginner! With the help of everyone here, I just finished a small project to learn about simple mechanics and gears-- a good first [...]

Atelier échoFab du 10 novembre

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Atelier échoFab du 3 novembre 2011 Le 10 novembre passé Maxime Prati '' Technicien électronique a Hydro-Quebec ''  est venu à l'échoFab pour réparer nos imprimantes 3D. L'échoFab est ouvert tous les jeudis de 10h à 15h aux locaux de Communautique, 65 de Castelnau O. bureau 202, métro de Castelanau. On vous attend ! Réalisation, [...]

[EN] The the Inner Workings of Faculty Mid Term Papers

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You do not also learn where you should begin in case you have been expected by your workplace to create a self-assessment. The information that is following will allow you to learn about all that adopts this technique. Publishing a self-assessment might help you know what type of career best fits you. By determining what [...]

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