As part of their science and technology course, Secondary III students at école secondaire Calixa-Lavallée learn about the human joints and the different movements they can do.

In order to integrate these learnings, a project to build a puppet started in the classroom continued during a day at échoFab to create an articulation and print it in 3D.

The objectives of the initiative are:

  • Realize a technological design approach
    • Design a prototype of a functional model that illustrates a precise movement of a human body joint: the mechanism must respect a movement associated with the selected joint, flexion, extension, abduction, adduction and rotation
    • Document the process in a notebook (reflection, diagrams, …)
  • In collaborative mode, learn about 3D modeling with software Learn about 3D printing


This pilot project is part of the Training Program for Digital Manufacturing and Green Entrepreneurship for Entrepreneurs of the échoFab Durable Initiative, a digital manufacturing laboratory (Fab Lab) that brings together the strengths of several sectors (digital manufacturing, education in scientific and technical skills, sustainable development, business support actors) which together articulate an innovative offer to stimulate the emergence of innovative entrepreneurial projects in green and digital economy.

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