Description du projet

Feel Good Coffee Table + nightstand

Description fonctionnelle

Project author : Mandy

« I found echoFab through the site, because I always wanted to build my own furniture

Mandy, came to us, the head full of projects. She showed Raphaël and Roby some ideas and opted to start with that superb coffee table. When asked why using a snowboard that way, she replied « I wanted to learn to snowboard and bought a used one. Since I bought it for 20$ I thought if it wasn’t any good for snowboarding at least  it would make a nice coffee table ».

To make this project, Mandy used the Laser Cutter at echoFab, Inkscape as a vector software, plywood, glue, a drill and some screws for the support bases

Did you had previous skills? I’ve used photoshop before, and some hand tools

– The design files will soon be available!

I could not help but ask, are you proud of your table?

-I am proud of it… mostly of the fact that it stands up. It is not perfect and needs some improvements but it,s a good start!