Today was a short day at the Lab! However, often when we have less time, we get more done! For the final art-piece, I might want to add cloud form type sculptural elements to it. Watch this space to see it in development in the coming weeks! Use of a 3d printer to make large cloud forms would be impractical and time consuming when a good laser cutter such as the one in EchoFab is sufficient. Also, you will see the way that I am making the cloud forms really suit the process as follows. 

The process was simple –

1. Make a quick ‘cloud form’ in 3ds Max

2. Export it into 123d Make, the free application by Autodesk

3. Export the pdf plan for the cuts to be made to the laser cutter. Settings are important here, you need to ask someone who knows how to do this if you have no experience like myself!

4. Print using the material you want to use in the laser cutter.

5. Glue or secure the pieces together and your sculpture will take form.

Today was just a rough test. I have made similar sculptural forms as the ones that I am making now but I did not have access to the tools that the FabLab has. Therefore, 2 hours to make a simple form in the FabLab, the equivalent using old methods such as a craft knife, it would take half a day at least.

As you can see from the image below. The ‘cloud form’ when completed shows us new unexpected aesthetic discoveries. When we turn it onto its side, the corrugated cardboard lattice completely changes the feel of the object. From above it appears as a solid object. From the side, the lattice like construction of the sculptural form now takes on an ultra-lightweight almost ‘aviation’ feel. These accidental discoveries during the creative process are extremely important. Even if I do not use this effect in the final art-piece at EchoFab. The effect is now recorded for future work that I could do and also for you as well!